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5e – Tomb of Skalbar

A single or multiplayer turn-based 3D video game based on the DnD 5th Edition rules.

It feels like playing DnD around the tabletop.

Let 5e play the part of the DM, or switch to ‘DM Mode’ and run the game for your friends.

Tomb of Skalbar Dungeon



Tomb of Skalbar gives you 20+ hours of classic dungeon-crawl gameplay.

Descend deep into the ancient subterranean tomb, battle its fearsome guardians and plunder its priceless treasures!


Tomb of Skalbar Spellbook


DnD 5th Edition Rules

The game uses Wizards’ Open Gaming Licence to faithfully recreate the DnD 5th Edition rules. If it’s in the SRD, then it can be in the game.

Tomb of Skalbar 8-Sided Dice


Roll Your Own!

Use our quick-and-easy 5e toolset to build your own epic adventures to play and share with friends.

No coding required.