Tomb of Skalbar

The first DnD video game with 5th Edition rules and that special tabletop feel.

5e – Tomb of Skalbar


Tomb of Skalbar is a single or multiplayer turn-based 3D video game based on the DnD 5th Edition rules.

What makes the game unique is that it has been designed to feel like playing traditional DnD around the tabletop with friends.

The game plays the part of the DM – it describes the scene, narrates the action and adjusts the challenge.

Tomb of Skalbar is a massive megadungeon which provides 20+ hours of classic dungeon crawl gameplay.

The game includes an easy-to-use code-free dungeon builder, so players can create adventures for their friends.

For players new to 5th Edition, Tomb of Skalbar can teach them how to play. It demonstrates the rules in action and highlights their options in each situation.


  • Based on the DnD 5th Edition rules.
  • Turn-based tabletop style of play.
  • The game can play the part of the DM, or you can switch to traditional ‘DM Mode’ and run the game for your friends.
  • Tomb of Skalbar megadungeon. Descend deep underground to battle its fearsome guardians and plunder its priceless treasures!
  • Includes an easy-to-use dungeon-builder for creating and sharing your own adventures.
  • Play solo or online with friends.
  • Play one PC or control the whole party.


Play one of eight big personalities – each with their own unique abilities and adventuring style:

  • Silverbeard the Dwarven Fighter – his unshakeable ale-fuelled courage and legendary throwing axe will see you through any danger.
  • Sparkin the Halfling Rogue – full of mischief and blessed with limitless optimism, this cunning rogue can overcome any trap and unlock any door. [Well he says he can!]
  • Madrake the Human Wizard – armed with both staff and wand, this Master Mage has a spell for every occasion.
  • Silvian the Elven Archer – always elegant and cool under pressure – her deadly arrows seldom miss.
  • Brunella the Human Assassin – ‘death from the shadows’ – whatever you do, don’t ever call her a ninja!
  • Hotspur the Human Paladin – Lawful Good through and through – lives to (Divine) Smite Evil wherever he finds it.
  • Celeste the Human Cleric – small and sweet-looking she may be, but stray from her marching order and she’ll soon have you back in line! As a leader and a healer she has no equal.
  • Zarlak the Necromancer – his terrifying mastery of death magic can be off-putting at first – but once you get to know him…


The initial release will be for Windows and Mac. Android & iOS tablets and smartphones will follow soon after.


The game uses Wizards of the Coast’s Open Gaming Licence (OGL) and System Reference Document (SRD) to faithfully recreate the DnD 5th Edition core rules. (The SRD doesn’t cover all DnD content, for example, the famous ‘Beholder’ monster is not included, but it covers the vast majority of the rules and is more than sufficient to play ‘proper’ 5th Edition DnD.)